Can You Breathe?

04 Dec 2014

When your enemy is stronger than you, what use is anger? Anger helps in a fight. Anger gets you excited about doing things that might make you sick if you weren’t so angry. But what use is anger against a wall of riot cops with military weapons and a row of tanks with .50 cals behind them? What good is anger against the might of the US Government, with their thermonuclear submarines and their aircraft carriers? I’m quite sure that there has been no lack of anger towards America from her enemeies in the last 50 years. Lots of good it did.

When your enemy is evil, what use is justice? Justice means that “might makes right” is not the rule you have to live by. But what use is justice when the term is redefined to mean “outcome of the standard beauracratic procedure?” When your enemy controls the language you use, what good is it to argue against them? Even more when they control the procedure that results in a muder going unpunished, where does justice come from? True evil is not just contained in murder. It’s contained in a world where murder is called justice.

What remains of hope when the outcome is certain and the result is rotten? Who among us can look upon the society we live in and be proud? A few billionares collecting rents from the iPhones and credit cards we carry are certainly happy with their own success. A few more trusted lieutenants must feel that they have contribtued a valient effort and that their rewards are just. Our leaders know that nobody else does much better than they do to maintain the relative security and postitive balance of accounts that we enjoy. No cohort has ever been so wealthy as Amercians in 2014. But is this what we aspired to all these years? What of the teeming mass being crushed with every step forward? There is no space for most of us.

There’s a lot of questions in this post, mainly because I dont have answers - I can’t breathe when I think about it.